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TheBahamut255 dijo...

This is one especially well-made pic here. ^_^

Based on the image, I assume this depicts the moment just before his arms started retreating into his torso, as Thulsa Doom prepared his own retreat from the Orgy Chamber to escape the vengeful Conan, Valeria, and Subotai.

In fact, had the scales been extended to his hands (and thus across his whole body), he really would look like a Serpent-Man, which the Novelisation to this movie stated he was - having been based on an earlier script.

That face you've given him, the mostly-snake head, is how I liked him the most, and do wish they'd done far more with Snake-Head Doom than they had - although the low-key nature of magic in that movie, lack of top-tier CGI, and determination to make it all believable on the part of John Milius are all factors into why not.

It just oozes Cold Malevolence. The way he's just sitting there, coldly staring through slitted eyes at whoever (or whatever) happens to be in his field of view, the Steel Sword he stole from the days when Steel meant more to him than Gold or Jewels just beneath his hands completing it.

I sure hope you've got more of Serpent-Man Thulsa Doom planned.

pat dijo...

Thank you so much!! I have to do a color Thulsa now.
More Conan here:

And my Conan and Thulsa art are on t-shirts are available here:

TheBahamut255 dijo...

You're welcome. ^_^

If it's the Thulsa Doom I suspect it'll be, then I really will be keeping an eye out for it. :-)