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Months ago Bluewater announced that both Logan's Run and Vincent Price Presents are becoming radio shows! Colonial Radio Theater on the Air announced today that they have entered into an agreement with the comic book publishers Bluewater Productions to also produce "War of the Elementals" & "Quatermain".
Explained producer Jerry Robbins: "I am very excited to get the chance to record this amazing graphic novel as a radio drama. We had a hit with our production of the original KING SOLOMON'S MINES in 2008, and this story is every bit as exciting and adventurous. I can't wait to get it into production!"
As for WAR OF THE ELEMENTALS Robbins continued, "The cover art alone on this story grabbed me! How great a concept is this!? The Royal Flying Corps' 5th Squadron is fighting in WWI when they are suddenly transported to a world dominated by giant flying bat-creatures! This is the stuff that makes for fantastic radio theater! We get letters and emails from kids who are just discovering our shows and they rave about how much fun they are, and how much they enjoy them. Radio drama has been around for many, many years - and it is great when kids are discovering it for the first time. They are forced to use their imagination. No movie can ever capture the world that you create in the theater of your own mind - we supply the sound to your minds picture, and the combination is unbeatable. I think WAR OF THE ELEMENTALS is one of those stories that is going to be incredible as a radio adventure!"
Both are based off the comic book series from Bluewater Productions. War of the Elementals was written by Scott Davis and Quatermain the graphic novel is out in the Fall and written by Clay and Susan Griffith. To pre-order it go to Amazon: http://amzn.to/cREdOu Celebrating it's 15th year, the award winning Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air's goal is to resurrect an old medium - making it modern and relevant - in a new and unique way for people to enjoy. With people's busy schedules keeping them on the road and limiting their time to read, "This is the future," said Vander Berg, "audio drama is the next wave."
More information can be obtained by visiting http://www.colonialradio.com/



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Written by Clay and Susan Griffith, art and cover by Patricio Carbajal.

"The House of the Raven." This is a role that Vincent Price was born to play, but didn't, until now. Aubrey Pitt, is a 1930s magician/gentleman detective known as The Raven. He is a suave fixture of high society as a crime solver and occult expert. But the Raven is summoned to a mysterious meeting with a wicked old colleague where he is presented with a puzzle worthy of his extraordinary talents. If he fails to solve it, he dies. If he succeeds, he lives in misery. The House of the Raven is a sinister tale of mystery and magic, demons and cocktail parties, and lederhosen.

32 pages, $3.99.